The Biden regime is inaugurated

Oh my God I am starting to find some people in the Unz Review are making sense!

Paul Craig Roberts writes in  the Unz Review:

“This brings us to America’s First Revolution now unfolding. How did it come about? It came about because decades of liberal assaults in the name of one “progressive cause” or another destroyed the structure of beliefs that define the United States. Today we can see with our own eyes, if we open them, that there is no longer any such thing as academic freedom, free speech, freedom of association, privacy, due process. People are fired from their jobs and sentenced to economic peril for merely expressing their opinions or attending the wrong rally or using disapproved pronouns. Those who insist on electoral integrity, the basis of democracy, are demonized as “enemies of democracy.” Legislation is pending that will be used to define any dissent from controlled Establishment explanations as subversion.”

The problem for the elites who are running this anti-white revolution is that they depend on the allegiance or obedience of the people they despise, and who return it in spades. Look at the National Guard troops turning their backs on Biden’s motorcade.

I am not making this up.




The Great Covid Madness (7)


The following is an article on the British Website “The Conservative Woman” by Laura Perrins… The Johnson regime is an abusive partner [here].

I reproduce the whole thing; in so doing I hope I have not violated any copyright. It’s an essential read. If the BoJo regime is losing “The Conservative Woman”, they’re toast. And justly so. The problem is that the opposition Labour Party is even worse! The British seem to have an entire political class devoted to their destruction.

I SEE we have reached the ‘it’s not me – it’s you’ stage of our abusive relationship with the Johnson administration. This will be followed swiftly with further abusive and dehumanising diktats and laws when we will be told: ‘You made me do it’ and that it is all our fault.
Dear reader, do not underestimate the psychological attack the Johnson Regime is carrying out on the people of this country. For the last few days we have been subject to a relentless campaign from the Government and its media enablers that it is we, the public, who are responsible for the spread of the virus, if we even dare to leave our homes.
In truth, although there are limited exceptions to this rule, the Johnson Regime would rather we didn’t leave home at all. The preferred course of action would be to seal us inside our homes for the next three months because humans have the irritating habit of wanting to actually talk with, and be with, people.
And, of course, we can’t do that as the NHS might collapse at any moment. They never stop telling us that the NHS is days away from collapse – it’s been going on like that for years.
And so, through a combination of outright terror and emotional blackmail, they want us to submit to this authoritarian neo-communist rule that seeks to crush our individual human rights.

So they threaten to abolish support bubbles. They do this because they are monsters. They do not seem to care that support bubbles are there to, you know, support people – often vulnerable people.

That abolishing them could leave older people or single mothers even more isolated and alone than they are already, does not seem to keep them up at night. There is a real cruelty in threatening this. But then, as I have always said, the cruelty is the point.

The Johnson Regime has a rotating team of NHS workers, medical ‘experts,’ modellers, and now the Met Police, coming on our airwaves to threaten us personally with the following array of punishments: Death via Covid, illness via Covid, withdrawal of ‘perks’ (like we are prison inmates) or plain old police power in the form of fines.
And remember folks, this is all because we deserve it, we have asked for it, we are not playing by their draconian, dehumanising cruel and inhuman rules.

The truth is they have no idea if this current lockdown will work. Neil Ferguson – aka Professor Lockdown – admitted as much in the Sunday Times, saying it was ‘a million-dollar question’ whether it will work or not.
Considering this lockdown is costing us billions per day, not to mention the mental health costs and total destruction of the lives of children, you would think he would be a bit surer.
But then, as Andrew Cadman has explained, for the scientists, lockdown is a once in a lifetime opportunity to test their theories in real time.
Ferguson also said that herd immunity would be achieved not just through the vaccination scheme, but because so many people have already been infected with Covid, in London at least.

Remember, dear reader, when we were told a few months back, that to rely on such a scenario – namely, herd immunity through infection – was a monstrous idea?
Here is yet another U-turn. Ferguson also dropped in the idea that multiple vaccinations might be needed because of new variants. He just dropped that in there, although it hasn’t been mentioned before.
The truth is, if this new variant is as transmissible as they say, this lockdown will not stop its spread. Ferguson already admitted that the virus is endemic.
To listen to them, you would think even looking at someone is enough to spread the virus, so this virus will spread. It will spread because it is a virus, not because you met a friend for a walk in the local park.
It will spread because it is a virus that likes human contact and, as we are humans, we will contact each other. Only an utterly dehumanising regime would demand that we act not like humans but like automatons, something akin to the computers that these scientists spend their life working on.

There is a monstrous cruelty in setting up a system of laws that the Johnson Regime knows cannot be abided by, by virtue of our humanity itself.
There is a monstrous cruelty in setting up a system of laws that cannot be abided by without the population suffering significant and serious mental harm.
There is a monstrous cruelty in setting up a system of laws that leaves children self-isolating in their rooms away from families, isolated from friends and school, unable to play music and sport, and unable to hug a relative. It is monstrous.

This system of inhuman laws is, to use a term found in criminal law, a form of entrapment. It is inevitable that these laws will be broken, by virtue of our humanity itself.
As such, it is also a breach of natural law and brings the law into disrepute. To ban or attack people for chatting is morally degenerate. The Johnson Regime and its monstrous system of State power is evil, unethical and immoral. Remember that.

Dear reader, it is not your fault. You did not make them do it. The Johnson Regime is the monstrous, abusive partner made real. It acts grossly unreasonably, places horrific burdens upon you, terrorises you and emotionally blackmails you, and demands you adhere to a regime of coercive control.
Then it tells you it is all for your own good or the good of someone else. Like an abusive partner, the Johnson Regime wants to break you. It wants to break you body and soul. Don’t let them do it. The reckoning will come.

Rebel Yell

The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name


The Immortality Key, by the American author and lawyer Brian C. Muraresku, is at once entertaining, annoying, important, and badly argued. They key assertion is that the ancient mystery religions used psychoactive doped beer or wine, akin in its effects to psilocybin experiences of today. He does us a great service in reminding the present that the Eleusinian Mysteries, as they were called, involved a ceremonial consumption of psychoactive chemicals of unknown nature, and that the pilgrimage and associated ceremonies acted as the centre of a religious cult that lasted for centuries if not millennia. The Eleusisian Mysteries were not some trivial affair. The site, and its ceremonies, acted as the major cultic centre of the ancient Greek-speaking world. Romans too participated.

To summarize the argument, Muraresku claims:

  • that Eleusis (a city near Athens) was the centre of a cult that involved psychoactive chemicals absorbed in religious context. Though the participants were sworn to secrecy, enough has been written about the effects of the ceremonies to give a reasonable confidence that whatever went on there caused participants to have profound psychic events that erased in them the fear of death.
  • Other centres of such ceremonial consumption of psychoactive beer and wine existed in the Greek-speaking world.
  • That some early Greek-speaking Christians practiced holy communions of a similar type. This is called the “pagan continuity thesis”. It means that Christianity emerged out of the interaction of Judaism with a Greek-speaking, wine drinking culture and that, to be accepted by the Greeks, the core ceremonies of Christianity were made attractive to the followers of Dionysus, god of wine. Although Muraresku is not clear on this point, it appears from his argument that some but not all early Christian house churches of the Greek speaking world practiced a communion with pyschoactive chemicals.
  • This form of holy communion with the body and blood of the living God was suppressed by Roman Catholic Church authorities in the course of time.
  • The Roman and other churches have been offering a placebo communion for the last two thousand years.
  • The suppression of witches in the 16th and 17th centuries was a further continuing suppression of ancient female-borne knowledge of psychoactive chemicals.

The first two points are very likely to be true. The third is a stretch, but it could be true. The fourth point, suppression of psychoactive communions,  depends on the third point being true, because there might have been no psychoactive chemical communions to suppress. The fifth point, that what is offered in communion to this day is a placebo, a substitute for the eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of the true God, constitutes (I believe) a huge mistake as to what the Chritian message is. The last point, that the suppression of witches was the suppression of female centred drug knowledge, seems plausible

Muraresku calls this the “pagan continuity with psychoactive twist” thesis.

I find it significant that the author has never tried psychoactive chemicals of any kind.  Thus his arguments cannot be refuted or defended against by saying he is a drug adept. For the same reason they also partake of a complete innocence of the issue.  In my experience, psychoactive chemicals, such as psilocybin and other entheogens, have to be approached in a spirit of religious awe, and in a completely secure and preferably beautiful setting. The reasons for this is obvious to anyone who has tripped. Nor should they be done in a crowd. Not everyone can handle it. Some might be in a very bad mental space. For many practical reasons, you cannot have thousands of people tripping on acid or psilocybin every Sunday. It is hard to see how the Church could have become universal in time and place if its core ceremonhy had remained (if it ever had been) a quasi-private drug initiation.

Yet none of these reasons of prudential wisdom capture my real objection to the Muraresku thesis. Whether you are tripping or stone cold sober, you are required to believe certain impossible propositions in order to be a Christian. Impossible to nature that is. The idea that Christ rose from the dead is not made any more likely depending on the chemicals in your brain at the time of hearing the news. And if it were made to seem more likely by the consumption of entheogens, then the Gospel message would be made to look ridiculous in the sober light of the day after the trip. Either way, you may get to belief through psychoactive chemicals, or not arrive at belief at all. Pschoactive chemicals can loosen tightly bound minds. They do not bring one to belief, however.

Belief is not knowledge. If we knew, belief would be superfluous. I do not have to believe the car is in the garage if I see it parked there. Belief is what you reserve for what you cannot prove.

For a brilliant discussion of Christianity’s revolutionary message and effects, you are far better off reading Tom Holland’s Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. 

As a prose stylist and as a historian, Holland is a far superior writer to Muraresku.


In Dominion, Holland reminds us of just how revolutionary it was for God to sacrifice his son to the humiliating death of a slave, through crucifixion.

I have no objection to psychoactive drugs taken in religious ceremonies, or for therapy, or for any solemn exploration whatever. But I do not believe that Christianity’s core sacrament is made valid or invalid according as we are stoned on enthogens at the time of participation.

Finally, as a lawyer, and therefore as an crafter of arguments, Brian Muraresku needs to be reminded that a paragraph consisting of a series of questions, however suggestive, does not constitute a rational discussion. State your argument, man! Say it boldly! His book would have benefitted from a reader who was ready to challenge him by asking: “what are you really saying here, Brian?”. “And if you really believe it, say it!” The book suffers from too much narration of the author doing his reasearch and talking with sources, and not enough careful exposition and handling of obvious counter-arguments. In the long run, no one needs to know what kind of day it was when he visited the Vatican Library.

Still, Muraresku has written an annoying, interesting, badly-flawed but possibly important book. Holland’s by contrast, is impeccable in style and content, and I commend it unreservedly.


Brian Muraresku appeared with Graham Hancock on the  Joe Rogan show. He did not have time to get to the last three arguments noted above in bullets.






I have had it with Trump

We have all had election nights where it seemed as if one side was going to win and then it did not. I thought there had been election irregularities with mail-in votes. Was it the reality distortion field of Trumpism? Probably. So I have been down in that gravity well looking out from a distorted perspective. I thought Biden might well have won, but it was not clear. Fair enough. My bad. Biden won.

That is not what I am talking about today. From what I read, thanks to Douglas Murray, Trump incited an attack of a mob on the legislature buildings of the Congress. His words inflamed an already tense situation.

There are at last two ways of looking at his speech: a crime, or worse than a crime, a mistake. The moralists will call it a crime, and maybe they are right.  The cynics will call it a mistake. As Talleyrand said of some political murder committed by Napoleon, “worse than a crime, it was a mistake.” What was this man trying to do? Overturn constitutional authority? No conservative or constitutionalist can abide the chief magistrate inciting a mob to attack a duly constituted part of government, be it his legislature or his judiciary. This behaviour is to be condemned.

As a conservative I deplore Trump’s incitement.  But as a reader of Machiavelli, I observe that this is a disaster for conservatism of any meaningful sort. Now I never considered Trump to be a conservative or a free trade liberal. He was an economic nationalist and he did some good in relation to improving the conditions of the American working class through trade treaties heavily advantageous to the United States. He insulted, amused and bravado’ed his way to the top of the Republican ticket, and beat the worst establishment candidate (and to be the worst of this crowd takes some doing). He kept on pissing off people who I enjoyed seeing pissed off (an unworthy, ignoble but real-enough emotion). His very buffoonery and obnoxiousness was obviously an attraction for many people aggravated by endless political correctness and moral posturing.

I have always held Trump in a balance of judgment. The scales, until recently (in my view) weighed more in favour of The Donald than against him. He was more sinned against than sinning: the Russia gambit was totally hot air and shown to be so. Then it was Ukraine’s turn to be the de-legitimizing agent. In the meantime we were supposed to ignore a summer of riots by Antifa and BLM which were demonstrably egged on by Democratic politicians. The left was crying wolf for too long to be heeded.

There has been too much crossing of all previous lines of decency and self-restraint in recent years, by both sides. No one spent time figuring out why Trump won in 2016. And I hope the Republicans will spend some time figuring out why they have lost the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. All this is for the years to come. You must figure out why you lost before you can win again. I fear that both major parties in the States will learn nothing from their respective defeats in 2016 and 2020.

But for now, Trump has destroyed his brand, disgraced his party, embarrassed those of his supporters who are able to be reasoned with, confirmed every judgment against him, justified Trump Derangment Syndrome, and empowered people who will be quick to suppress public discussion and robust political debate. I am not happy with the state of the Union, and with myself for having indulged this buffoon. I reserve the right to change my mind later, but for now, I feel contrite.






Contretemps at the Capitol

After having witnessed probably the largest demonstration in modern times in support of President Trump, we now know that great swathes of the American people know full well the corruption of their electoral system by a Democrat party mafia. The invasion of the Capitol building, although wrong and not justified, was no “insurrection” as the lügenpresse would have us believe. Ashli Babbitt, a four-term servicewoman in the US Air Force, was shot and killed by Capitol police. [Video here:] …[See also, “Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt“]

She was no George Floyd—a drug-dealing thug and criminal turned into a plastic hero by the Swamp Things. She was a patriot and loyal citizen who is now being vilified as a terrorist by the new commissars and their lickspittles in the Fake News media.

Now that the nomenklatura have weaseled their way into power, the coming tyranny is already flexing its muscles. Facebook, Twitter and others are the tech commissars banning or suspending Trump and many more conservatives and right-wing voices. This is all supported by the Democrats—it’s the out-sourcing of censorship; not done directly by the politicians, but by their digital hagfish in the cyberworld.

Purges and cancelling of people has been underway for some time now. These are all hallmarks of a totalitarian regime. Back in the days of Soviet communism, Andrei Sakharov, physicist and Nobel Prize winner, was similarly exiled and vilified in the Soviet Union.

Edward Snowden has pointed out [on RT] :

“Facebook officially silences the President of the United States,” Snowden tweeted on Thursday in reaction to the news. The whistleblower said the decision “will be remembered as a turning point in the battle for control over digital speech.”

….In a follow-up message, Snowden warned that those celebrating the suspension should “imagine a world that exists for more than the next 13 days, and this becomes a milestone that will endure.”

The tech tyrants are the real rulers of America now; Biden and Harris the mere figure heads. As Brendan O’Neill points out on Spiked online:

Not only does cancel culture exist — it is the means through which the powerful, unaccountable oligarchies of the internet era and their clueless cheerleaders in the liberal elites interfere in the democratic process and purge voices they disapprove of. That’s what Twitter’s permanent suspension of Donald Trump confirms….

…The new capitalists’ cancellation of the democratically elected president of the United States is a very significant turning point in the politics and culture of the Western world. We underestimate the significance of this act of unilateral purging at our peril. It demonstrates that the greatest threat to freedom and democracy comes not from the oafs and hard-right clowns who stormed the Capitol this week, but from the technocratic elites who spy in the breaching of the Capitol an opportunity to consolidate their cultural power and their political dominance….

…Twitter’s ban on Trump is extraordinary for many reasons. First, there’s the arrogance of it. Make no mistake: this is the bosses vs democracy; corporates vs the people; exceptionally wealthy and aloof elites determining which elected politicians may engage in online discussion, which is where most political and public debate takes place in the 21st century. Those who cannot see how concerning and sinister it is that a handful of Big Tech companies have secured a virtual monopoly over the social side of the internet, and are now exploiting their monopolistic power to dictate what political opinions it is acceptable to hold and express in these forums, urgently needs a wake-up call.
Secondly, there is Twitter’s deeply disturbing justification for why it suspended Trump. It says Trump’s account ran the ‘risk’ of ‘inciting violence’. And yet the two tweets of his that it cites do nothing of the sort. In one, Trump describes his voters as ‘great American patriots’ and insists they will have a ‘GIANT VOICE’ in the future. In the other he confirms that he will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden. That’s it. In what warped moral universe can such standard, boastful Trump-made statements be interpreted as calls for violence?

And it’s not only politics either. In the Age of Covid, the same left-wing totalitarianism is pervasive. Contrary scientific viewpoints are now being outlawed and censored. The British sociologist, Frank Furedi, in discussing the necessity of scepticism in all things, especially science, remarks:

Over the past, pandemic-dominated year, this crusade against scepticism has gone into overdrive. For instance, Big Tech companies like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have used the threat posed by the pandemic to justify censoring and regulating debate over Covid-related policy. When YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that anything that contradicted the recommendations of the World Health Organisation would be removed, she seemed to have mistaken herself for God’s voice on earth.

This is the position we are in. An arrogant shower of ignorant degenerates seeks to annihilate everything in Western Civilization. They have gained power in the USA and in other European countries. Freedom is ending. Unless…we do something about it.

With regard to the Contretemps at the Capitol, don’t include me with the weak-kneed shower saying how terrible it was and how it “was a blow against American democracy” or any such self-serving codswallop. All last year, the Democrat party, rotten mayors, and bent Governors, all supported and abetted the rioting mobs of anarchists and the BLM rabble. Thousand of livelihoods were destroyed, billions of dollars in damage, and the rule of law openly violated and supported by Democrat politicians, especially comradess Harris who offered to front bail money for arrested thugs.

I must admit to a little schadenfreude seeing those sniveling Democrats hiding under their desks getting a little of their own medicine – it doesn’t feel so good when you’re on the receiving end, does it? Besides, the damage to property and ordered government during the Democrat riots was a million times worse.

To all the “Never-Trumpers”, the fake conservatives, and the milquetoast RINOs, and the George Will paneled-salon ponces– this is what your attempts to undermine the Trump presidency have resulted in. God rot the lot of you.

I have no doubt that the 74 million votes that Trump received will be back with a vengeance. The Fake News hacks, the nomenklatura, and the assorted cretinous mobs on the streets had better take note.

Rebel Yell

The Great Covid Madness (6)

An excellent analysis of empirical data relating covid infections and deaths with lockdowns and other “non-medical interventions”. Dr Ivor Cummins on his podcast (The Fat Emperor) discusses real data (not computer models) with Joel Smalley, MBA, Data Scientist; Dr Claire Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist; Dr Johnathan Engler, MBChB, Biotechnologist, and Marie Oldfield, Chartered Statistician and Scientist with the Royal Statistical Society.

They look at how diseases flow through populations and what, if any, effects do lockdowns and mask wearing have on covid death rates. Not surprisingly, they have no effect at all on arresting the spread of the disease and likely a deleterious effect. Far greater damage to health, in the long run, is caused by lockdowns, without even considering the disastrous social and economic effects.

Basically, the hysterical reactions of governments to the coronavirus constitute one of the most colossal policy failures of all time.


Rebel Yell

The unceremonious turfing of Rod Phillips: more elite failure

I pity the former Finance Minister of Ontario, who was sacked for taking a Caribbean vacation and faking his presence in Canada by postings on social media. I entirely agree with Rex Murphy that nothing could show better the hypocrisy of the ruling classes than this episode.  

We are not in this together. At least the Premier of Ontario had the wit to realize what this meant for the ceredibility of the government, and canned the guilty party.

In the Z-Man’s predictions for the year, we read:

“The Covidians will not back down. There will be reports of “vaccinated people” getting Covid and that will be enough to keep the panic rolling. Covid has now replaced climate change as the left-wing religion of fear. They need to feel they are part of a holy cause to give purpose to their lives. Some politicians will try to ratchet back the fear mongering, but they have unleashed forces they cannot control. Mask wearing and other gestures are now the uniform of the enlightened…”

As I read the gleanings by Rebel Yell from medical journals on susceptibility and incidence of the disease, The Great Covid Madness – 4, I am more than ever reminded that we are experiencing the effects of an auto-immune disease: the anti-bodies are as much the problem as the disease itself. In this case the anti-bodies, to be clear, are the measures we are taking to shut down the economy.


 One mania substituted for another

It is apparent that CO2 madness is being replaced by COVID as the mania of choice for members of the elite. The opportunities for direct social control with COVID are so much greater and more satisfying to the control freaks, and the willingness of people to go along with the scare so much greater than is the case with CO2. Decades of panic mongering about CO2 as the master control knob for global climate change have not succeeded in making the case for turning off our oil refineries and shutting down civilization as we know it. Always go with the panic that grows government authority most readily, and that is COVID, not atmospheric carbon dioxide.


I wish I could illustrate 415 against a million, but a million is 10,000 (10 to the 4th) times greater than a hundred (10 to the second). I am not proposing that we need orders of magnitude more CO2 in the atmosphere. What I am saying is that a trace gas is vital to plant life. More of it is greening the planet.

It will be evident that any serious policy aimed at reducing carbon emissions will have to focus on more nuclear reactors, as our Liberal government now understands.




So is this truly the end of Greta Thunberg’s influence? Hardly. The damage is now institutionalized in the poilicies of governments that seek to shut down tar sands and other sources of petro-chemical energy. Fanatics like Greta are mascots for the movement. But the attention has moved on from long term abstractions like climate change to hospitalizations and actual deaths.