What’s the Point of the Tories?

Rex Murphy in the National Post gave them both barrels today… [here]

One year into COVID our venerated House of Commons is a disembowelled, non-functioning, neglected wreck. The targeted disrespect of the absolute and central symbol and instrument of our democracy has no parallel. No “minority” government has ever operated with the smug insouciance and patented, virtue-perfumed arrogance towards the Commons as the Trudeau government. This is, when we step back, their biggest sin.

All true, Rex. But where are the Tories? Why aren’t they raising hell? Why aren’t they holding rallies on Parliament Hill? Why aren’t they doing something?

Here we have a “government” that has bankrupted the nation, put hundreds of thousands out of work, destroyed multitudes of small businesses that took years to set up, instituted house arrest for most people in this country when the evidence shows that lockdowns do nothing to suppress the spread of covid-19 or reduce the death rate, or stop people from catching it.

Our churches, clubs, sports centers, social gatherings have been shuttered by an arrogant tribe of ignorant know-nothings pretending to be our saviors. Our everyday human social existence has been throttled for no reason other than stupid politicians making the wrong decisions, all the time, and not having the common sense to admit when they’re wrong. Our freedoms and liberties have been trampled underfoot and nobody is even objecting to it in that fatuous talking shop called a Parliament.

It’s unconscionable. The average citizen in this country has sacrificed more than any of these parasites in government have ever done. And where is the Conservative Party—the supposed defender of freedom and liberty? Where are the objections of outrage raised in the House of Commons? Is there anyone with a backbone left in the Tory Party?

This is not idle ranting. When the nation is facing a mass failure of governments on the federal and provincial levels, some-one in Parliament must stand up. Is that so hard to do? These MPs are protected by Parliamentary privilege; they can make a voice heard across the country in defense of freedom and liberty while the state is expanding its suffocating hold over every aspect of our private and social lives.

What have we heard from the Tories? Nothing. Instead, Conservative leader O’Toole has rushed to do the bidding of sneering Liberal apparatchiks by groveling before them because of some obscure individual, whom the Liberals did not like, making a contribution to an MP’s campaign fund. So what? Our country’s very substance is being violated by this degenerate commissariat of half-wits and O’Toole continues drooling on about the “far-right”, another phantasm of the Liberal Committee for Phlogiston Manufacture!

Further, the “Proud Boys” have been declared a “terrorist” organization (along with others) by unanimous consent in the House of Commons. Really? As far as I know, the “Proud Boys” have not been burning down city centers, assaulting police officers, causing millions, sorry billions, of dollars in damages, mostly on minority-owned businesses, and killing people. No, that’s Black Lives Matter (ha ha) and Antifa, the mainline communist thug outfits favored by the lying media. The gang that our fatuous pseud of a prime minister grovels before. Did not one Tory MP voice any concern about declaring an organization “terrorist” just because some Liberal says so? Who will be next? And will the Conservatives stand up then, or fold again?

I know that I am not alone in this. If the Tories do not wake up, they are finished. Why would anyone want to vote for a party that simply wants to be a door mat for the Liberals? The only reason Trudeau has the popularity ratings he does is because of the weakness and fatuousness of the opposition. Sucking up to the Fake News media is a waste of time. They will always hate the Right. Better to invite their hatred; then, normal people will know that you have a backbone.

The inimitable Basil Fawlty from “Fawlty Towers”, when exasperated, would say, “What’s the bloody point?” And yes, as far as the Tories are concerned right now, “What’s the bloody point”?

End the lockdown, tear off those masks, and tell these tyrants to go to hell.

And now, for the right-wing viewpoint….

Rebel Yell

Propaganda 101

The art of propaganda is to inculcate your ideas into the minds of citizens to advance your political cause, and, possibly, to hinder your opponents’ cause, and to bring your opponents over to your side as committed supporters. Or else render them impotent.

In the right hands and minds propaganda can be extremely effective. A recent Canadian example is very instructive.

Some weeks ago, some information was leaked to the media (by left-wing website Press Progress) that indicated that Derek Sloan, a Conservative MP, had received a donation (last August) from somebody who was supposed to be a “white supremacist” and a “bigot”, apparently not under his actual name (a Mr Fromm, I believe). The $131 donation went 90% to the Sloan campaign and 10% to Party Head Office. Did anyone know who the nefarious contributor was? Probably not.

“Upon learning about what happened, I immediately contacted the Executive Director of the Conservative Party, Janet Dorey, and requested this donation be returned” said Sloan, as reported by Radio Canada International [here]. (Shock, horror, I might be attacked by the CBC/Globe&Mail/NDP/Liberal/assorted pinko whiners—maybe, he mused).

OK, fair enough, you might think.

Anyway, the usual Fake News Media reaction, with lashings of Liberal and NDP humbug, demanded “action” by the Tory leader, Erin O’Toole. Is the Conservative Party the home of “bigots”, “racists”, “fascists”, “the far-right”, and all of Lucifer’s stormtroopers from the Ninth Level of Dante’s Inferno? (If only!)
So instead of standing firm and throwing the rabid insults back, and thanking Sloan for his prompt action, and then, perhaps, reminding folks that it was not the Conservative Party that paid millions of taxpayers’ dollars to a convicted Islamist murderer, there should follow, …that’s it, case closed, get back to your jobs.

But no—O’Toole’s response was a propaganda disaster for the Tories. Here’s why.

The first mistake that O’Toole made was accepting the terms, lies and insults of the Left. He rapidly got together a “statement”, as Radio Canada International reports:

In a statement issued Sunday, O’Toole said the Tories have “no place for the far right” in their caucus.
“The Conservatives are a moderate, pragmatic, mainstream party–as old as Confederation–that sits squarely in the centre of Canadian politics,” O’Toole said.

Of course, the “far-right” is anything that the Left doesn’t like. If you are anti-abortion, pro-free speech and free market, revere Western Civilization, are pro-Second Amendment, or anything else, you’re far-right. Even if you believe men and women are different sexes. Basically, if you are a normal person these days, that’s far-right with lefty Crackpot Central.

The thing is, the people who are castigated by the Left as being “far-right”, are, in fact, simply normal people. They are a large fraction of the core Tory vote. You may not like social conservatives, but they are just as much a part of Canada as are social liberals, even though they are less represented in the chattering classes. In a similar situation (not specifically related to the Sloan affair), O’Toole had refused to speak with Rebel News, because they had been classified as “far-right” by the usual Establishment toadies. Hardly a demonstration of “leadership”.

Essentially, by falling for the lefty lexicon, hook, line and sinker, O’Toole managed to call his own supporters by the names adopted by the Left and to alienate them at the same time.

The second mistake O’Toole made is displayed in his quote above. It cannot attract new support from the wavering center. The Liberal Party has always been the party to bend to any wind blowing over the political landscape because, lacking any firm principle, tacking to the lefty currents requires nothing so tedious as moral commitment. By saying that the …“ Conservatives are a moderate, pragmatic, mainstream party–as old as Confederation–that sits squarely in the centre of Canadian politics,” as did O’Toole (and everybody else), what makes him any different from the Liberals? If so, why would anyone want to vote for Liberal-lite in powder-blue knickers, someone who is totally flummoxed by a few pinko jibes, when they can get the real thing, full woke and blackface, in man-child Trudeau?

The third mistake O’Toole made was to assemble a firing squad for Sloan, consisting of the Tory caucus, to do the bidding of the Liberals by ditching him from caucus. Talk about sniveling before your enemies! What else could O’Toole do? Wear a sign on his back saying “Kick Me!”?

What this has done is to essentially neuter O’Toole. With any other minor event like this, all that is required is that some young lefty greasy pole-climber glom onto some obscure donation (wait and see how many “white supremacists” suddenly appear in the Tory donation list) and with a twitch upon the thread the Tory leader will come dancing, yet again, to disparage his own supporters.

Further, the whole caucus are now accomplices! Deep in the depraved nether-reaches of Liberal Propaganda Central, there are guys high-fiving over this. You’ve heard of circular firing squads; well, this is more like they’re all plugged into Old Sparky and O’Toole’s gonna flip the switch! You can’t make this stuff up.

Propaganda must be directed to securing the commitment of supporters and sowing the seed of doubt in opponents so as to make them more accepting of your message and vision. This the Left understands very well and the Right doesn’t. Throwing your core support under the bus is a pathway to disaster.

The Right must come to understand that, without a fundamental idea about the nature of the nation, society, and the state, to present to the people a face of mere re-action, instead of action, is a sign of weakness. The current display of the Tory leader shows a lack of backbone and a lack of belief in his cause. If the Right in Canada wants to achieve any form of success, it must approach propaganda seriously. The current approach seems to be to appreciate being kicked around by the Liberals and the tribe of pressitutes in their service. This will never gain the respect of wavering voters and only further alienate core Tory voters.

O’Toole has scored another propaganda victory for the Left without the Left having to raise a finger—and it wasn’t even their $131! This has to be one for the propaganda record books.

That’s why the Tories and O’Toole are toast.

That’s all for now, folks.

Rebel Yell

Will the USA Collapse?

In Hemingway’s great novel The Sun Also Rises, Mike Campbell was asked about his money troubles.

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, and then suddenly.”

Gradually, and then suddenly. Cast your minds back to 1991. August. In the Soviet Union, for a few years, perestroika and glasnost had been shaking up the Soviet system, communism in Eastern Europe had collapsed and its vibrations were being felt inside Russia.

Then, suddenly, a General Committee for the State of Emergency headed by Gennady Yanaev, Dmitri Yazov and Vladimir Kryuchkov et al., arrested Gorbachev at his vacation spot in the Crimea, drove tanks into downtown Moscow and held an ill-fated press conference, at which they became a laughing stock, to announce their take-over. The Soviet nomenklatura was fighting back. What they didn’t bank on was the mass demonstrations of ordinary Russians and Boris Yeltsin’s famous speech standing on a tank outside the Russian parliament building. When the KGB Alpha Group special forces refused to take down Yeltsin, their number was up. The coup collapsed in three days and Gorbachev returned to Moscow, as he said, “…to a different world.” Within four months, communism fell and the Soviet Union broke up into its national republics.

Gradually, and then suddenly.

America 2020. Election Day. Donald Trump handily winning re-election—until—after midnight vote counting is sealed off in swing states and hundreds of thousands of ballots miraculously appear, almost all for Biden. No proper oversight is allowed. Republican officials are locked out by corrupt Democrat Party apparatchiks. Hours later, the Fake News media, always at the service of the Democrats, declare Biden the winner. Everybody knows, yes everybody, that a massive fraud has taken place. Some days before, old, befuddled Joe was seen and heard on video bragging about the best vote fraud program in history.

The American nomenklatura struck back. After the Capitol affair, shrieks of “insurrection” were emanating from the propaganda organs of the nomenklatura (aka the press), the president was banned from social media along with thousands of others on the right, and the vicious accusations of a frightened and panicking oligarchy saturated the airwaves. The Biden inauguration had all the trappings of a communist coronation: thousands of armed troops making sure that no ordinary Americans would display their displeasure at the coup that was taking place; suitable groveling from the Gollum-like hordes in the media; and endless lies about the vast numbers of Americans who voted for Trump. Nicolai Ceausescu would have been proud.

The American nomenklatura had been preparing for this for years with their endless lying about “Russian collusion”, with the media baying in support, with almost daily interjections from Satan’s spawn, Clinton—a kind of Elena Ceausescu without the charm.

The Capitol incursion was their opportunity. They pounced, and Trump was unprepared. It’s almost certain that Trump and his supporters never thought that the oligarchy would or could be so vile and unprincipled. But they have shown their hand now and there is no turning back. Censorship and nascent tyranny are afoot in the US and the Democrat Party is the horse of the Apocalypse about to ride rough-shod over the Constitution and the American people, particularly the working class of America.

Unlike the Russians, Americans have no modern direct experience of totalitarianism, invasion, or mass warfare on their own territory. The Russians do. They can see the ugly face of a new Bolshevism in the US—ignorance of history, fanaticism in politics, hatred towards opponents, all manifest in the Democrat Party which has become the vehicle of Kultur Bolschevismus today.

Will Trump be the Boris Yeltsin of America? Will there be a tank for him to stand on and lead the masses against the Thugs of the Oligarchy?

Already people are being fired from their jobs just because they listen to other points of view or partake in online conversations. This is pure tyranny right now, nothing less. The Constitution no longer exists.

The same is true in Canada. No-one, certainly no-one in the Conservative Party, is standing up against this state intimidation and media suppression. The universities have been entirely conquered by the Bolshevist hordes, the newspapers are cat-box liners for Liberal Party, and the CBC is simply the State Radio for the Liberal Party—financed by the tax-payer, of course. It seems that the only independent media in this country are Rebel News and the Post Millennial (support them with a donation).

Things can change very rapidly—and unexpectedly. How close is the US to a Soviet-style moment of collapse? Will this coup last? How close are we to a dictatorship, in the US and in Canada? Will any of our politicians develop a backbone? Is there anyone in Canada who is at least an approximation to a Trump? —Because, by God, we need one.

But wait—the Gamestop revolution. Wall Street parasites getting it in the gonads from a crew of teeny-bopper investors? Yes, I hope so; bless the lot of them. Stick it to those parasites. It’s up to you young folks now, go for it.

Rebel Yell